Why Use a Bug Reporting Tool?

As we all know bug fixing can be quite frustrating. During testing periods we as developers deal with software failures all day long, which in itself does not make for the lightest of days. Furthermore, the quality of bug reports varies widely, and the information contained in a report is sometimes reduced to nil. As […]

5 Software Bugs That Made History

Software bugs can have huge implications for all of us. Here’s proof. In today’s blogpost we show you our picks for five software bugs that went down in history, and trust us when we say, we did not take the decision of picking five lightly.   The first software bug ever recorded Ever wondered why we […]

Strategies for Agile Bug Tracking in Scrum

PM Bug Tracking

In software development agencies we’re facing the dilemma of customers wanting amazing quality software delivered in no time at the lowest possible cost. All of you working for a software firm will know exactly what I am talking about. Rising quality requirements, shorter development periods and the ever growing amount of devices and browsers, make […]

What Is a Tester & Why Should You Care About Software Testing?

Every application, whether it’s an app, web-app or desktop application, needs to run through different testing phases during the development. These testing phases are usually done by dedicated collaborators called testers. Especially before releasing a new version of your app, it’s crucial to do extensive testing in order to maintain and improve the quality of […]