The Difference Between Alpha and Beta Testing

software tests

There seems to be quite some confusion in the world of software developing when it comes to the terms of alpha and beta testing. Alpha and beta tests together have an immense impact on the final quality of your app or web project. That’s why this blogpost will show you how these two forms of […]

Software Testing Isn’t Just for Finding Bugs

Let’s just assume for a second that you have the luxury of planning and building software in a way so the result isn’t just a summary of rushed deadlines, but rather a product that you really want to succeed and that you care about. In this case, you would want it to deliver meaningful value, […]

How We Dogfood at Bugbattle

Dogfooding Software

Or: How we use Bugbattle to build Bugbattle. In my last blog post I gave you a brief introduction into the practice of dogfooding in software testing, and promised you insights into how we dogfood. At Bugbattle we like to keep our promises so here goes. In this post we’re going to take a deep […]

Dos and Don’ts of Bug Reporting

Ever had a grumpy dev throw a “need more info” your way? Or maybe you’re just generally curious how you can score a few points with your dev team by submitting the most excellent bug reports out there. Of course, the best bug reports are the ones that have everything the devs need but are […]

Dogfooding: Who Does It Best and Why You Should Try It, Too

Eating Your Own Dog Food

Would you eat the food you buy for your dog? Or your cat, if you’re a cat person for that matter? Basically, that is what dogfooding is all about. The term was coined when one of the presidents of Kal Ken, a US pet food company, claimed he ate a can of dog food himself […]

Types of Bugs to Keep in Mind While Testing

Whether you’re a developer who wants to test their builds more extensively or a tester who’s looking to bring more structure into their process – having an organized approach in how you engage with testing for bugs will not only calm your nerves but also yield measurable improvements, i.e. more bugs. It’s certainly possible to […]

Why PM Tools Don’t Do the Trick for Bug Reporting

So, you’re hitting up google for ways to cut down time in your development process, specifically the part almost every developer adores so much: bug fixing. Be it by streamlining information about the bugs you’re receiving, adding more or better media to your reports or scrapping the work of manually recording data altogether. However, all […]

Why Use a Bug Reporting Tool?

As we all know bug fixing can be quite frustrating. During testing periods we as developers deal with software failures all day long, which in itself does not make for the lightest of days. Furthermore, the quality of bug reports varies widely, and the information contained in a report is sometimes reduced to nil. As […]

5 Software Bugs That Made History

Software bugs can have huge implications for all of us. Here’s proof. In today’s blogpost we show you our picks for five software bugs that went down in history, and trust us when we say, we did not take the decision of picking five lightly.   The first software bug ever recorded Ever wondered why we […]

Strategies for Agile Bug Tracking in Scrum

PM Bug Tracking

In software development agencies we’re facing the dilemma of customers wanting amazing quality software delivered in no time at the lowest possible cost. All of you working for a software firm will know exactly what I am talking about. Rising quality requirements, shorter development periods and the ever growing amount of devices and browsers, make […]