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Wednesday, 28 October 2020
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Project management is probably one of the most important things in order to successfully realize a project. Tools like Trello or Jira are extremely helpful when it comes to making teamwork a lot easier. At Bugbattle we also use such tools to organize our tasks.

Teamwork Is the Path to Success

Working together on a project requires good team communication. Tasks have to be coordinated, discussed and reviewed. Tools like Trello or Jira help you do exactly that in so-called boards. You have the option to divide your tasks into different columns and to give each task a status such as to do, in progress or done. As every team member has access to the same board, everyone is informed about the status of a task at all times.

Together with the right project management methods, processes within teams can be improved and projects can successfully handled. If you want to know more about project management methods, read our project manager Isabella’s blog entry on “Strategies for Agile Bug Tracking in Scrum”

Project Management with Bugbattle

Bugbattle already provides you with a project management dashboard so that you and your team get an overview of all bugs. Every time a bug is reported, a new task in your to do column is created. If a bug is being processed, a task can be moved to “in progress” and, if completed successfully, to “done”.

Bugbattle Makes Integrations Easy

Bugbattle gives you the flexibility to connect your bug reporting tool to your favorite project management tool.

You can integrate Bugbattle into Trello or Jira in three easy steps.

  1. Go to Integrations in the dashboard and choose your platform.

2. Connect your account to the respective platform.

3. Select the board you want to connect and the column the newly created bugs should be shipped to.

Now your project is connected and all reported bugs will automatically be loaded into the connected board together with all the attached images, comments and useful metadata.

By the way: At the moment, we only transfer changes from the Bugbattle board to the connected PM tool. Meaning that if you change something on your Trello or Jira board, these changes will not be transferred to the Bugbattle board. We are however already working full speed to ensure that changes are adopted both ways. Stay tuned. 

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Tobias Duelli

Tobias Duelli

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