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Bugbattle empowers developers to perfectly understand user feedback by shipping all the contextual insights with every bug report. Improve your software quality in no time and make your users happy.

Trusted by 200+ teams around the world

Receive flawless bug reports every time

Get fully standardized and detailed bug reports to build better software, while it only takes your users seconds to report a bug. Bugbattle reports automatically contain screenshots, session data, console and network logs as well as replays.

Fix faster, build more

Fix bugs 10x faster by automatically receiving all the information you need with every bug report. Bugbattle saves you loads of time and money and empowers you to focus on building rather than fixing software.

SDKs for Web and App

Bugbattle is the only bug reporting tool that seriously supports platforms for app and web projects. We built SDKs for Android, iOS, Flutter, React, React Native and JavaScript (WordPress, React, Angular, Vue.js & more).

Bug reporting on live and local environments

You can easily carry out acceptance tests and make the most of Q&A because Bugbattle works on both live and local hosts.

Features designed for software companies

See a bug through your user’s eyes

Every Bugbattle report comes with a 60 second replay video of a user’s actions before a bug occured. No more wasting time trying to reproduce bugs.

Setup within seconds

In less than a minute you can add our BugBattle SDK to your App or WebApp. Install our SDK, build and run. A piece of cake.


We handle all personal data according to EU laws, 100 % GDPR compliant.

Customizable widget and languages

Bugbattle seamlessly blends into your project. Restyle our widget, choose its position and set your invocation event and language of choice.

Seamless integration

Bugbattle works the way you do. With our integrations you can receive bug reports in your favorite project management tool together with all the metadata in real time.

Customer stories

“Bugbattle is an awesome tool for gaining insight into the causes of apps’ bugs and unexpected behavior. Being able to programmatically send a bug report in addition to having user-friendly manual bug reporting, not to mention the Bugbattle team’s super-fast turnaround time on delivering new feature requests, creates a winning and indispensable combination for the elimination of errors from your code.”

Martin Hardman, TNS

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