Feature requests

Learn what features your users would love to see next with the Bugbattle feature request board.

All feature requests in one organized dashboard

Receive feature requests from your users in one board and use them to inform your product development. See which features are trending and decide what to implement next.

Feature voting and mapping

Users can upvote and comment on existing feature requests. This way you and your team can prioritize issues and lay them out in a roadmap for users to see what you’re working on.

Product roadmap for your own website

Simply embed the Bugbattle feature request board into your website to use it as your very own product roadmap. Let your users vote and comment on the requests.

Publicly share your feature request board

Share your Bugbattle feature request board with the public to collect further feedback and let them vote on existing requests. Your team decides which features to start wokring on.

Close the feedback loop

Communicate with your users or customers to show that your team is working full-steam to improve your product. Update them on your latest and hottest features.