Bug reporting

We provide developers with all the tools they need to reproduce bugs 10x faster, fix them at the speed of light and make their users happy.



You no longer have to rely on your users to send a recording with a bug report because now there are Bugbattle replays. With every report we automatically ship a 60 second recording of a user’s steps before a report allowing you to see exactly what your clients see.

Session data & screenshots

All the feedback gathered through Bugbattle automatically comes with the necessary meta data to fix a bug real fast. Know which browser, device or OS your user was testing on. Of course, we also ship a screenshot with every marked bug empowering you to win the battle against bugs every time.

Console logs

We capture all logs for you. You can filter them based on warnings and errors and even download the whole timeline if you want.

Network logs

Get a list with all network traffic to see all server requests and responses. We provide you with all the necessary background data to help you fix bugs at light speed.

Custom data

Customize the metadata we send with every report to fulfill your needs and your needs exactly. Add data specific to your projects, giving you an even more detailed look into the bug report.

Direct communication

Communicate with your users or customers to get more information on a report they sent or to let them know you fixed their issue. You can even send internal notes to colleagues.

Feedback widget configurator

Make our Bugbattle widget your own without writing a single line of code. Bugbattle helps you collect the feedback you need to create the best websites out there. We offer bug reporting, ratings and feature requests. 

Customizable UI

Adapt the look and feel of Bugbattle to make it your own. Texts, colors and logos are all fully customizable. You can even choose from a set of different translations to make Bugbattle even easier to use for your clients. We are a bit like a chameleon.