General inquiries

Receive all inquiries in one organized dashboard and take your customer care to the next level with direct replies through Bugbattle. This will make you stand out.

The future of customer support is building relationships

The importance of building relationships with your customers has become ever more relevant in a world full of SaaS tools. That’s exactly what our inbox for general inquiries will help you do. Reply directly to any requests your users might have.

Skyrocket user satisfaction levels

Personally make customers happy with the well-known and easy-to-use medium of a messenger. They will feel that they’re in real good hands.

Manage incoming messages in our inbox

Our easy-to-use inbox is perfect for your team to manage, assign and close all incoming inquiries. Your team can offer personalized support to your clients through one centralized inbox.

Internal notes

Send private internal notes to one of your teammates to let them know that you need their help with an issue or assign them to a conversation.