Know Exactly How a Bug Happened

Bugbattle is your affordable in-app bug reporting tool, empowering developers to know exactly how a bug happened and fix it real fast.



Get all the information you need

Bugbattle ships perfect bug reports, providing you with all the information you need to quickly resolve an issue. Bugs are automatically logged with a screenshot, session replay, custom data and console logs. 

Seamless integration

With integrations for Jira, Zapier, GitHub, Trello, Asana and Slack, Bugbattle works the way you do. Receive bug reports in your favorite project management tool together with all the metadata in real time.


Enable Bugbattle Replay to get a 60 second screen recording of a user’s last steps before a bug occurred. Screenshots are helpful in bug reports, but a concise video of user actions is far better, right?

GDPR compliant

We handle all personal data according to EU laws. Bugbattle does not require any extra user permissions.

Trusted by 500+ teams around the world

Accelerate your bug reporting process

You are only one click away from saving time and sparing your nerves while debugging.


BugBattle will change your bug reporting experience forever. Be the first to know when we launch.