Notion Integration

Seamlessly integrate Bugbattle with Notion

Convert Bugbattle feedback into Notion cards with just one click. All bug reports, feature requests, support tickets and ratings will automatically be sent to Notion via Bugbattle. 

Choose your favorite project management tool to keep your usual workflow 

Connect your Bugbattle account with Notion in just three clicks

Select the team, space and list you want your Bugbattle issues to be shipped to 

Start battling bugs without interrupting your everyday workflow

Reproduce and fix issues faster

Bugbattle automatically captures visual feedback such as screenshots and replay videos as well as all the important technical data for you. With our integration all this data will automatically be sent to your Notion board.

Keep your usual workflow but add visual feedback

Bugbattle captures a screenshot, on which users can mark the bug, a replay video of the bug and all the technical metadata with every report or feedback; allowing you to see your app or web project through your users’ eyes.

Centralize your feedback in Notion

Keep your usual workflow but make it better. Store all your tickets including bug reports, user ratings, feature requests and support tickets from Bugbattle in one place and one place only.

”Project management is probably one of the most important things in order to successfully realize a project. Bugbattle gives you the flexibility to connect your feedback tool to your favorite project management tool.”

Read all about project management with Bugbattle in Tobi’s blogpost.

Bugbattle works the way you do

Check out all our integrations to ship reports to the project management tool of your choice in real time. Bugbattle can seamlessly be integrated into all of them. And if you’re tool isn’t included, there’s always Zapier.