Slack Integration

Never miss a report again with Slack

Integrate Bugbattle with Slack to receive a notification whenever a new bug report, rating or inquiry pops up. Or simply use Slack via Bugbattle to keep users or clients up to date. 

Choose your favorite project management tool to keep your usual workflow 

Connect your Bugbattle project to Slack with two clicks only

Select the channel you want to receive your Bugbattle notifications in

Start battling bugs without interrupting your everyday workflow

Get instant notifications in Slack

Once you’ve integrated our feedback widget into your app or website your users can report bugs and send general feedback directly from your project. Integrating Bugbattle with Slack you will receive real-time notifications every time an issue pops up so you’ll never miss a thing.

See what your users see with visual feedback

With every Slack notification Bugbattle automatically ships screenshots, replay videos, session data as well as console and network logs, allowing you to reproduce bugs 10x faster.

Stop fixing and start building

Keeping your whole team up to date in your chosen Slack channel, will allow all of you to reproduce bugs with visual feedback at the speed of light. You’ll see that you’ll spend less time on reproducing bugs and more on building new things instead. 

”Project management is probably one of the most important things in order to successfully realize a project. Bugbattle gives you the flexibility to connect your feedback tool to your favorite project management tool.”

Read all about project management with Bugbattle in Tobi’s blogpost.

Bugbattle works the way you do

Check out all our integrations to ship reports to the project management tool of your choice in real time. Bugbattle can seamlessly be integrated into all of them. And if you’re tool isn’t included, there’s always Zapier.