Zapier Integration

Connect Bugbattle to over 3,000 apps

If you couldn’t find your project management tool among our direct integrations, then Zapier is your tool of choice. Stick to the workflows you know and build them yourself with Zapier. Connect Bugbattle to literally any other tool without writing any code.

Choose your favorite project management tool to keep your usual workflow 

Connect your Bugbattle account to Zapier either by invite or with a secret key

Set a trigger event and an action to create a new zap for your Bugbattle feedback

Start battling bugs without interrupting your everyday workflow

Gather complete feedback reports in your tool of choice

Once you set up your Zaps with Zapier all feedback tickets will automatically be complete. Because Bugbattle ships all the metadata you need to reproduce bugs with every report without your users ever having to leave your app or website.

Get all the info you need with every user feedback

With every report Bugbattle automatically ships screenshots, replay videos, session data as well as console and network logs, allowing you to reproduce bugs 10x faster. By integrating Bugbattle with your favorite tools, you can enrich your usual workflow with all this information.

Customize your workflow to manage all issues in one place

Tailor automated management processes to your team’s needs with our Zapier integration. Centralize all your issues in one place and focus on building rather than fixing.

”Project management is probably one of the most important things in order to successfully realize a project. Bugbattle gives you the flexibility to connect your feedback tool to your favorite project management tool.”

Read all about project management with Bugbattle in Tobi’s blogpost.

Bugbattle works the way you do

Check out all our integrations to ship reports to the project management tool of your choice in real time. Bugbattle can seamlessly be integrated into all of them. And if you’re tool isn’t included, there’s always Zapier.