Bugbattle works the way you do with integrations for your favorite tools.


If you can’t find your tool of choice among the list, then Zapier is the integration you’re looking for. 


No more wasting time typing up bug reports in tickets. Every bug will automatically be forwarded to your Jira board. 


With our GitHub integration, every bug is automatically converted to an issue without you lifting a finger.


A task with all the essential information on the bug is directly created in your Asana project as soon as a report arrives. 


Integrate Bugbattle with Slack to stay on top of all incoming reports. Receive notifications in your Slack channel when a new bug is created. 


A card with all the essential information is directly created in Trello as soon as a report arrives in Bugbattle.


Bring Bugbattle into your workflow with awork. Your awork tasks will automatically contain all our bug report insights.


You have a particular integration in mind and would like us to take a deeper look into it. Let us know.

Accelerate your bug reporting process

You are only one click away from saving time and sparing your nerves while debugging.


BugBattle will change your bug reporting experience forever. Be the first to know when we launch.