Know exactly how and why a bug happened

Our replay videos make debugging even easier for you and help you fix issues twice as fast. Screen recordings of testers will automatically be attached to all of your bug reports.



Know exactly why a bug occured

You will no longer have to rely on your testers to record their journey through your app. With Bugbattle Replay every bug report automatically contains a 60 second video of the user’s actions prior to a report.

Get synchronized logs

Bugbattle Replay is so much more than a screen recording. It comes synchronized with all the logs making your life as a developer a lot easier, promise.

Enable within seconds

With only one snippet of code you can enable Bugbattle Replays. It’s super easy. 

GDPR compliant

We handle all personal data according to EU laws. Bugbattle does not require any extra user permissions.

Accelerate your bug reporting process

You are only one click away from saving time and sparing your nerves while debugging.


BugBattle will change your bug reporting experience forever. Be the first to know when we launch.