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Collect structured visual feedback in one place

Use Bugbattle to gather visual feedback directly from your websites, reproduce bugs really fast and make your customers happy. Reduce your web project duration by 40 % and save a ton of money.

Trusted by 200+ teams around the world

Capture feedback visually

With every issue a client reports, Bugbattle automatically ships annotated screenshots and a replay video of a user’s last actions. This empowers you to literally see a bug through your client’s eyes, reproduce it within seconds and fix it real fast.

No-code setup

Our WordPress Plugin is the easiest way to integrate Bugbattle into your website. Setting Bugbattle up takes less than a minute and you don’t need to write a single line of code.

SDKs for Web and App

Bugbattle is the only bug reporting tool that seriously supports platforms for app and web projects. We built SDKs for Android, iOS, Flutter, React, React Native and JavaScript (WordPress, React, Angular, Vue.js & more).

Wrap projects up faster

Gather critical browser information automatically, manage all bug reports in our web dashboard, directly reply to your clients to ask for further feedback and accelerate approvals. You can also forward all reports to the PM tool you’re already using with our integrations.

Features loved by website creators

Direct customer communication

Invite clients to your Bugbattle projects so you can respond to their feedback, get notified of updates and make your progress visible.

Special web creator pricing

Our pricing model is tailored to website creators working on more than one web project at a time. Get our advanced features at an affordable price.


We handle all personal data according to EU laws, 100 % GDPR compliant.

All-in-one platform

Manage all customer feedback on one platform, communicate with your users, prioritize reports and track progress. Never miss a critical issue again.

Seamless integration

Bugbattle works the way you do. With our integrations you can receive bug reports in your favorite project management tool together with all the metadata in real time.

Customer stories

“Bugbattle is the perfect tool for agencies to collect and manage feedback and issues. It makes projects go smoothly and clients love the shaking gesture to report bugs.”

Théo Hudry CEO,

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